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Top 5 Reasons Why the Thermocube® is Better Than a Thermoserver®

By May 1, 2016Blog


You can buy a Thermocube™ online any time of the day or night.

No Thermomix demo required. No guests. No food to buy. No three-hour block of your day spent just to buy a product. No day spent cleaning the house in preparation for visitors who never end up visiting the bathroom anyway!

You’re busy, you don’t want to have to outlay that much time and effort when all you want is an insulated stainless steel server. You don’t have to wait to order a Thermocube™.


Travel with your delicious food with confidence that the contents will stay inside the bowl!

No mess. No spills. No food tipped out in the boot of your car. No balancing a container precariously on your passenger’s lap. No splashes of food on your passenger’s clothes!

The high-quality food-grade silicone lid creates an airtight, watertight seal. Such a flexible lid allows for the inside air to expand and contract whilst maintaining a fantastic seal. It’s easy to apply and remove, and it even stretches over chunky contents that stick up a bit higher than normal!

Taking a dish to share at a friend’s house, dropping off a meal to an elderly relative, or going on a picnic – your Thermocube™ lid will keep the contents safe and secure in​side the bowl, and not all over your car’s back seat.​​

Even just carrying your food outside for a BBQ, or to the kitchen table! Accidents happen, but the silicone seal keeps your contents inside the bowl – where they belong!​


We know your storage space is precious. Have you ever heard anyone say – I have too much room to store everything!??

No, you haven’t.

Thermocubes have no bulky base. No wasted space.

Square bowls mean you make the most of the room in your fridge, freezer, cupboard, Esky® etc.

And our 1.2L Thermocube™ fits inside the 2.6L Thermocube for even more space saving options!


The non-slip silicone base is yet another feature to help your food travel safely and securely.

No slipping. No tipping over. No moving in the caravan fridge after driving the bumpiest road. No sliding across the table like a drink along a bar in an old western movie.

The non-slip silicone base is made from the same high-quality, food-grade material as the lid, and is just as flexible. It is easily applied and removed, and it will make your Thermocube™ stay where you put it.

This is especially important with small children around hot food!


You care about your impact on the planet, and so do we. That’s why we have built our products to last a lifetime.

Reduce the amount of plastic and disposable containers you use. Reduce the amount of leftovers you throw out. Reuse your Thermocube™ for thousands of dishes. Use it everyday. No plastic. No BPA. No waste.

We use only the highest-quality, food-grade silicone ​and stainless steel. Our products are freezer friendly, dishwasher safe, and LFGB, FDA and Reach certified. Reuse your Thermocube™ and reduce plastic garbage going to landfill.

What are you waiting for?​

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