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The BEST EVER Addition to our Camping Trip

By November 6, 2016Blog

From Amanda:


I just wanted to say, I really didn’t expect the Thermocubes and bottles to come in so handy in so many different ways while we were camping this past long weekend. I am so blown away, I just had to let you know!

We packed up our camping gear and pre-made a lot of our food. We took fresh bacon, meat for the bbq, salads & pre-chopped fruit… all of it stored in our Thermocubes. This meant a lot less mucking around for mum during meal times! [More time free for a wine and relax!]

Having a lot less room in our small camp fridge meant that the square Thermocubes made the most of the space available, so we didn’t have to constantly dig around trying to find what we needed. And because they stay cold for hours, there was no hurry to put back everything back straight away – another stress-saver!

​Staying across the road from the beach was awesome! We popped some snacks in the Thermocube for the kids, and didn’t have to worry about the sun spoiling our food. I have never seen strawberries stay so cold and fresh for so long! We spent hours at the beach and the water in our bottles stayed cold all day!

It really bugs me having to throw food out – I hate waste! But because the cubes kept everything so cold we could bring all our leftovers home, and that saved us having to cook dinner while I washed 94 loads of dirty clothes!

For breaky while camping we cooked up mountains of scrambled eggs and bacon, and the Thermocubes kept everything nice and warm while we cooked up the second and third batch to feed two large families (full of kids with bottomless stomachs!).

I originally just bought these to help keep food hot on the table at home while I wrangled the kids away from various activities and convinced them to eat what I’d spent hours cooking. But the hidden gem I’ve found is the ability to keep food fresh for AGES!!!! My chopped lettuce stays crispy for days on end, sliced watermelon & rockmelon stay fresh for over a week! Fresh ham from the butcher is still fresh a week later, and the list goes on…

And of course, ​not only are they a brilliant at keeping food fresh longer *in* the fridge, they also keep the food chilled for *hours* while it’s out of the fridge. I am just so surprised!

I’ve told all my family and friends: ​Don’t go away this summer without taking your Thermocubes & Thermoblue bottles – save yourself money, stress and time!

​I wouldn’t be without my Thermocubes on camping trips & in the kitchen at home.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in the range!!!



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