TRENDS home 8 Pc Colourful Stackable Mixing Bowls & Measuring Cups Set


8 Pc Nestling Mixing Bowl and Measuring Cup Set, Stackable, Multicolored with a non-slip bowl, colander, sifter, & measuring cups.

Ideal mixing bowls for baking cakes. A practical kitchen set, guaranteed for long-term durability in use. It takes up little space and is essential for cooking or baking.

Ideal for every Home & Kitchen.

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Measuring Cups: 60ml (1/4cup), 85ml (1/3cup), 125ml (1/2 Cup), 250ml (1cup)

Mixing Bowls: 700ml (25 fl oz) and 4.5L (158 fl oz).

Sieve: 1.65L (58 fl oz), 19cm (7 ½ inch)

Colander: 3L (105 fl oz), 22cm (8 ¾ Inch).

✔ DURABLE: The Nestling Bowl set is an essential, practical kitchen set, guaranteed for long-term durability. It takes up little space and is essential for any baker. Ideal for every home & kitchen. This quality 8 piece mixing bowls set is Non-Toxic and Antibacterial plastic mixing bowls set is microwave safe and dishwasher Safe for thorough, easy cleaning.

✔ 8 SIZES IN ONE SET: The colorful kitchen mixing bowls set, measuring cups and spoons set contains: Measuring cups: 1/4cup (60ml), 1/3cup (85ml), 1/2cup (125ml), 1cup (250ml) Mixing Bowls: 25 fl oz (700ml) and 158 fl oz (4.5L) Sieve: 58 fl oz (1.65L), 7 ½ inch (19cm) Colander: 105 fl oz (3L), 8 ¾ Inch (22cm). Each item has easy-to-use handles making carrying and holding simple. Everything in this mixing bowls set is made from BPA Free, food safe, Non-Toxic and Antibacterial Plastic.

✔ QUALITY: These Mixing bowls feature non-slip base preventing movement during mixing activities. The colander features feet ensuring the stability of the product during draining of pasta or washing fruits & vegetables. The strainer is perfect for sieving, draining and blanching products. The smaller bowl features a scale and spout allowing you to control the volume of contents and making pouring liquid ingredients easy.

✔ SPACE SAVING: The plastic colorful kitchen mixing bowls set takes up very little space, as they are completely stackable making them the ideal kitchen bowls. All your mixing bowls and measuring cups will be in one place, Don’t be looking all around your kitchen come baking time! These mixing bowls with handles make them easy to carry for the entire family.




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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm


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