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Keep your hot food hot, your cold food cold, your fresh food fresh

The Thermoboss® and Thermocube® range are double-walled insulated servers designed to maintain the temperature of their contents for up to 2-4 hours. This heavy duty product is built to last, and made from food-grade stainless steel. The compact, unique square and rectangular designs maximise the storage space in your fridge, freezer, pantry, lunchbox, picnic basket, or Esky®, and the tight-fitting silicone lids prevent spills while transporting food. The non-slip, silicone bases provides further insulation, and help to protect your surfaces.

The Thermoboss® and Thermocube® servers allows you to:

  • serve, store and transport hot or cold food while maintaining the food’s temperature for several hours
  • keep one component of a meal hot while cooking or serving another
  • “cook” dishes such as pasta, cous cous, and rice using just boiling water
  • incubate home-made yoghurt

This *bundle* contains 1 x 4.2L Thermoboss®, 1 x 2.6L Thermocube®, and 1 x 700mL Mealprepper®.

Additional silicone lid/base sets are available to purchase, in various colours and prints that are subject to change – please note that lids and bases are included with the product in the colours chosen.

The Thermoboss® and Thermocube® range is completely dishwasher safe and LFGB, FDA and Reach certified. Check our Instagram feed and Facebook page for some inspiration, and learn more about all the ways to use your new products in our blog.

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Download Thermocube® / Thermoboss® Use and Care Guide


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