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Recipe Road Test #0001- “Skinnymixers” Coconut Curried Sausages

By January 31, 2016Blog

Yes, I’ve called this Recipe Road Test #0001, implying that I have the intention of road-testing more than 1000 recipes, thus requiring that I start numbering each test with four digits.

When you think about it, you’d only need to try two new recipes, each week, every week, for 10 years, and you’d tick over the 1,000 mark….1,040​ to be precise! Doesn’t sound too difficult…..?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s just start with the first one, shall we?

Curried sausages are a family favourite here, so when we kept hearing the rave reviews for the Skinnymixers’ version it was a no-brainer. So last night was the night.

We managed to happily feed ourselves, 2 adults and 6 kids; our three as well as an extra three that we’d inherited for the night. Thumbs up all around, and the baby couldn’t get enough!

Ok… let’s get into the nitty gritty!​

In general, the format for road-tests will cover these points:

  • Ingredients
  • Difficulty Level
  • Time Involved
  • Hints & Tips
  • End Product
  • Well….? How was it?
  • Positive & Negative
  • Best Suited To
  • Repeat Worthiness


The ingredients are pretty straight-forward, all available at most supermarkets. The curry powder that really *makes* this, and other Skinnymixers meals, is tricky thing to find. Asian and Indian grocers are your best bet, although there are rumours that a few Coles and Woolies are getting in on the act too! And if all else fails, you can make your ownversion, or just use whatever brand you have in the cupboard and keep in mind that the flavour is not going to be as intended!

I had one of those bulk-pack sausage trays from the supermarket, since it’s almost the same prices for 22 sausages compared to the 8-pack alternative. It turns out to be 1.7 kg so I had to improvise a little with the cooking method!

Difficulty Level

Thankfully, in this recipe there wasn’t anything difficult, or requiring too much brain function, which is exactly what I needed when looking after six kids!​

It might sound tricky, but I easily managed to fit all 22 sausages into the Varoma dish and tray – woohoo!

Time Involved

​Using the Thermomix for this recipe means that you can set and forget, and get on with other things while dinner is cooking. I love recipes like this that have a more Thermomix steps than manual steps! The most time consuming part was peeling the skins off all the sausages.

I did cook for an extra 10 minutes so that all the sausages were cooked before cutting them up to add back to the sauce. I left the rice in for this time too as it was still a little crunchy.​

Hints & Tips

​Pierce the skin of the sausages before you cook them and it makes them easier to peel when fully steamed!

Peel the sausages while hot; as they cool the casing can get more difficult to remove.

Because of the increased sausage quantity, I completed the last step (simmering the cut sausages in the sauce) on the stove because there was no way all that was going to fit in the jug with the coconutty sauce!​

Keep your rice hot in an insulated server – like our Thermocube™ – while you finish off the sausages and sauce.​

End Product

​It was easy to achieve a look similar to the original recipe, although my version was not as saucy being that the sauce had to cover 22 snags instead of just 12 or so. It’s always satisfying to come close to the perfect pictures from the original!

Well….? How was it?

​Thumbs up from everyone, and clean plates all round – I class that a success! A fantastic flavour, with a few simple steps and user-friendly instructions. And dare I say, even better as reheated leftovers for lunch the next day!?

Positive & Negative

​Positive: simple to make, delicious, and we would have most ingredients on hand usually

Negative: Only a little thing, having to stir the rice occasionally  and interrupt the cooking process​

Best Suited To

Family dinners – Cooking for a crowd – Bulk cooking to stock the freezer

Repeat Worthiness​

​Yes, definitely! Maybe next time we will use less sausages and steam some extra vegetables instead – carrot, broccoli, maybe even some sweet potato…!

See the original recipe here: Skinnymixers Coconut Curried Sausages for the Thermomix

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