Lunch Boxes

Welcome to the Thermo Boutique®, one of Australia’s most trusted supplier of lunchboxes with a difference. The Thermo Boutique® range of Adults lunch boxes and kids lunch boxes is designed to keep hot food hot, cold food cold, and fresh food fresh.
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And, with Australian’s leading busier lives than ever before, our range of expertly designed lunchboxes couldn’t be more practical.

Looking for an Hot lunchbox to take to school/work?

Our customers love the innovativeness of our designs. Whether you’re looking for a lunchbox or lunch cooler bags to take to school or you want a heated lunch box to store your snack for work, you will get a highly practical and beautifully designed lunch box from Thermo Boutique®.

We’re lovers of clean, healthy food and our brand of products were created out of a need to keep our own food fresher for longer. Our designs were so effective and so versatile that we kept on adding to our product range and we have major plans ahead for expanding our range even more.

The Best Hot Lunch Box For When You’re On The Go

We’ve a selection of products for you to choose from if you’re looking for a hot lunch box online to take with you when you’re on the go.

  • The Thermoboss® is a double-walled insulated sever that’s designed to maintain the temperature of its contents for several hours. It’s a highly durable product that’s made using food-grade stainless steel. It’s compact and comes with a silicone lid to prevent spills from happening when in transit. The base is made from silicone, ensuring a non-slip and insulating finish to the design. The Thermoboss® is a great alternative to using lunch bags and can completely revolutionise your meal times!
  • We also have our best-selling Thermocube®, which comes in two different size capacities. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from our 1.2L and 2.6L models. Both models are made using food-grade stainless steel and their compact, unique square designs make it easy to maximise space in your fridge.

Have a question about our products? Get in touch!

If you have a question about any of our products, whether it’s our Thermocubes®, Thermoboss®, feel free to reach out to us today. You can contact us here.

Whether you want to take specially prepared meals to work with you or you want to take food over to a friends house for some nibbling, we can’t wait for you to experience what life is like with one of our thermo lunchboxes!

Thermo Boutique also offer specially-designed range of new food storage products including Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes, Stainless Steel Food Containers, Insulated Lunch Bags, Thermal & Insulated Lunch boxes, Insulated Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Hot Water Flasks to keep your food healthy & fresh for longer.

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