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Kid’s Birthday Party Chaos

By March 14, 2016Blog

I want to have a birthday party at home, he said…

I’ll only invite a few friends, he said​…

I promise I’ll be good, he said…

Famous last words.

So a party for a 6-year-old boy shouldn’t be too hard. “Shouldn’t” being the operative word here. However, once you start contemplating invitations, games, lolly bags, cake decorating, party decorations, seating arrangements for the kids, seating for the adults, food for the adults, party food for the kids, drinks for the kids, drinks for the adults, what the weather is forecast to be on the day, can we have the party outside, and what if it rains, where are we going to hide all the mess household items that are likely to get broken with a swarm of five and six-year-old kids bashing through the house, should we invite the grandparents, how many kids have we invited, who hasn’t RSVPed, has anyone RSVPed, why don’t people RSVP anymore!?, are the kids’ parents going to stay and eat, what do you mean James isn’t your best friend anymore and you don’t want him to come….?

UGH! Too hard!​

So much to do and so little time.

With the party day almost upon us I needed a plan of attack. EVERY TIME we have a party at home I end up running around the kitchen like a headless chook for the whole duration of the event with hot trays of food ​going in and out of the oven with kids doing laps of the island bench, playing tetris with containers of all shapes and sizes in the fridge trying to cram in all the nibbles, and I don’t get a chance to speak to anyone for a decent length of time.

When the party day arrived I was ready. At least this time I had the food department under control. I did all the preparation, cooking, heating, etc BEFORE everyone arrived and keep all the food HOT and COLD in my insulated Thermocube™ bowls.

We had HOT food like nuggets, pies, sausage rolls and cocktail frankfurts for the ​kids staying beautifully warm in our Thermocubes, and roast chicken and salad kept nice and COLD for the adults. Of course, the kids were too busy playing to eat a lot and the adults polished off the rest of the hot food!

OMG! Finally a party where I got to actually sit down, talk to guests, play party games, have fun and above all RELAX and not stress out! What a difference it made having all the food ready beforehand. I could greet guests at the door, watch my boy open his presents for once, and enjoy his day with him.

Now that’s all over for another year – what a relief…

Oh hang on, it’s my daughter’s 9th Birthday next month!​

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