Insulated Lunch Boxes

If you’re looking for an insulated lunch box that will allow you to take your hot meals with you on the go, you’ve come to the right place!
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Welcome to Thermo Boutique®, one of Australia’s most trusted names when it comes to the manufacture of a range of thermos lunch boxes that are compact, built to last and made from food grade stainless steel and insulation layers, both of which contribute to maximum heat retention.

You’ll Never Have To Reheat Your Lunch Again

If you’re tired of having to find a microwave to reheat your lunch, it’s time to revolutionise your meal times and invest in a thermal lunch box. Apart from the inconvenience of searching for a place to heat up your lunch, food never tastes the same when it’s reheated. It loses its flavour and can come out cold in the middle and hot on the outside.

With a thermo lunch box, you need not worry about reheating in microwaves, as your food will be kept perfectly warm throughout the day and it will not lose its flavour. If you’d like to bring more food than could fit in one of our 1.2L or 2.6L Thermocube®  lunch boxes or insulated lunch bags, you can choose to invest in our bigger 4.2L Thermoboss®.

The Best Insulated Lunchboxes

We love good food here at the Thermo Boutique®, and our range of thermal lunch boxes online are designed to keep hot food hot, cold food cold and fresh food fresh. Our goal was to create the best thermal lunch boxes online and make them affordable enough so that they’re accessible to all.

If you’re looking for insulated lunch bags or boxes online for sale, the following are a couple of reasons why our range of products stand out from all others.

  • Our insulated lunchboxes are properly insulated and made with food-grade stainless steel to ensure food can stay hot for several hours
  • They’re compact, durable and portable
  • Our products are designed to ensure that cleaning is a breeze
  • You don’t have to worry about food spillages from ruining your day as our thermal lunchboxes are fitted with silicon lids that are tight-fitting

Have a question? We’d Love to Hear From You

Whether you’re looking for the best insulated lunch bags, insulated lunch bags for kids or an insulated lunchbox to take to work everyday, we have everything that you need.

If you have any questions about our products or why our lunchboxes are the perfect substitute for insulated lunch bags, feel free to contact us today.

Thermo Boutique also offer specially-designed range of new food storage products including Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes, Stainless Steel Food Containers, Insulated Lunch Bags, Meal Prep Containers, Insulated Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Hot Water Flasks to keep your food healthy &fresh for longer.

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