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Dinner time!!!…Hang on……Where is everyone!?!

By December 6, 2015Blog

Do you struggle to have all your family members seated at the table when dinner is ready? Seriously, it’s like herding cats!

​By the time you have everyone seated and organised, the meal that you’ve spent the whole afternoon preparing has gone stone cold – what a waste!

….But not anymore!

Our skinnymixers Slow Cooked Mexican Beef stayed deliciously, piping hot on the table in the Thermocube™ while we rounded up the tribe. All wrapped up in a soft, fluffy, skinnymixers Pita Bread Wrap – ‪#‎nomnom‬

The Thermocube​™ is a double-walled stainless steel bowl designed to insulate your food, keeping it hot or cold for several hours. The silicone lid prevents messy spills (especially while travelling) and the square shape is perfect for the fridge or cupboard!

You can find out more, and pre-order your own Thermocube™ in time for mid-December shipping at:

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