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Decks the Halls with Thermocubes!

By December 17, 2015Blog

Christmas can be stressful – anytime you’re called upon to feed a crowd it can be a little daunting, and time-consuming, and can lead to waking in terror in the middle of the night after a catering nightmare!

The main problem I have is in having everything ready to serve all at the same time. Especially if you have more than a couple of components to a meal… and what Christmas meal has only one component!!??

Sometimes I spend days, or weeks, planning menus, testing recipes… scheduling my to-do-list of food prep. Time, effort, hard work.

I would hate for all that to go to waste serving up lukewarm food which is supposed to be piping hot or icy cold when we’re go for launch and ready to eat.

Enter the Thermocube™ – the rescuer of lukewarm casseroles, and room-temperature salads. The Thermocube™ keeps your food how it should be: hot food hot, and cold food cold. So it is a necessary addition to an occasion like this.

You can effortlessly keep one dish warm while you finish off the next, and so on, and so on, and then revel in your victory of having it all ready – all at the same time!!! ​

And wouldn’t it be nice if the food was still hot when you went back for seconds!?!​ … or thirds …!?

​So for Christmas Day, we’re planning on filling every Thermocube in the house…

  • ​Keeping cooked pancakes warm while we’re cooking the next stack, so we can sit down together to eat hot pancakes at the same time!
  • Storing our cold cuts of meat for lunch
  • Keeping our crispy salads chilled and ready to take anywhere!
  • Keeping the BBQ sausages/burgers hot for the kids
  • Keeping our prawns icy cold and delicious!
  • Resting our juicy, roasted meat
  • Keeping the pudding and brandy custard warm for repeat desserters (if that’s even a word!?)

Insulated servers just make life easier – in and out of the kitchen. Imagine how easy it will be to keep your leftover roast meats cold for the Boxing Day party? Warm ham – no thank you!

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