The team at Thermo Boutique® are,  first and foremost, lovers of food – good, clean, healthy, real food – and we are in the business of designing new products to complement our passion.

We love cooking and sharing our creations with others. As a result, we are devoted users of insulated servers – our favourite was the ThermoServer® that comes with purchasing a Thermomix® but is now OUR very own Thermocube®.

Previously, we would take our ThermoServers everywhere with us; taking leftovers to work, salads to parties, and a nice meal to a friend’s house. However, the lids would invariably fall off, which left quite a mess and a significant amount of wasted food. This inspired our original creation, the Bowl Buddy®: sturdy but flexible, food-grade silicone straps that keep the lid securely in place.

2015 saw the launch of the 2.6L Thermocube® – our heavy-duty, square, stainless steel, airtight, liquid-tight, insulated server. This chic, high-quality bowl is square to maximise the space in your fridge or cooler, with a tight-fitting silicone lid to prevent spills. The Thermocube® is the BEST way to keep your hot food hot, your cold food cold, and your fresh food fresh… for longer!

In mid-2016 we designed new items to the market: the 1.2L Thermocube®, the Thermo Blue® 750ml stainless steel insulated drink bottle, and a 4.2L rectangle version of the Thermocube® which we called a Thermoboss® (awesome for BBQ’s!) We have recently also expanded our Thermoblue® stainless steel insulated drink bottle range also adding in a 500ml version which is great for kids!

In May 2017, we expanded our line even more with the VERY popular Meal Preppers® our mini version of the Thermocube® holding 700ml of food.

We are very excited to continue expanding our innovative product range and look forward to sharing with you our passion for practical, high-quality kitchenware.